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Born in Chile and raised in Colombia, Tania has been living in France for the past 20 years. Because of hispanic naming customs, Tania bears two surnames: the paternal Ruiz and the maternal Gutiérrez.

Tania is a Film & Multimedia graduate and holds a doctoral degree in Visual Arts. Currently Associate Professor of Arts at the University of Paris VIII Tania develops her academic research in tandem with her artistic practice.

The common denominator in her research as well as her artistic production is the various ways in which time unfolds into space. More specifically, and for many years,Tania has been working on questions relating to Public Space, understood in urbanistic as well as in sociological terms.

Her artworks have been exhibited internationally since 2000 and from 2006 Tania has focused on outdoor public spaces, producing both temporal and permanent installations in different scales, ranging from independent interventions to public commissions.

Her larger and best known projects are Garde-temps, a temporal LED sculpture for the city of Vancouver, and Elsewhere, a permanent monumental scale video installation for Malmö Central Station.

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